The Critical Engineering Working Group
Julian Oliver
Gordan Savičić
Danja Vasiliev


NETWORKSHOP - 5 days, 50 hours

Learn how to create, analyse, manipulate and control computer networks using cables and the command line.
Reveal network infrastructure by tracking packets across land and sea. Capture and dissect unencrypted data in the air around you. Assert your basic rights to privacy, anonymity and freedom of association using freely available, open-source tools.

THE UNIX COMMAND LINE - 4 days, 40 hours

Learn the UNIX command line interface, a rapidly growing and ubiquitous interface common to every computer from the UNIX family of operating systems - whether web-server, Internet appliance, wireless router, autonomous robot, Raspberry Pi, Linux or OS X laptop. Vastly expand the scope of computers you can interact with, develop for and control, transcending restrictive 'consumer-oriented' interfaces.

OTHERNET - 4 days, 40 hours

Decentralise! Install and deploy alternative, self-run systems for secure communication and data exchange, unfettered by surveillance. Learn how to serve photos, notes, files and event calendars from a custom server in your home and how to share data with trusted people physically near you.